Birder travels to Germany to test cutting-edge optics

Birder travels to Germany to test cutting-edge optics
I joined other journalists from France, Taiwan, U.K., India, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and the United States. It was a case of the … I made a brief stop at a knitting shop because my wife loves knitting and I love my wife. I made …
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Why go on a cruise when you can go on a freighter?
Here is some of what I brought: a poncho for rain, a down vest for snow, dental putty in case a crown fell out, art supplies in the event that I acquired talent, a shortwave radio for lonely nights, and hair dye for the other nights. …. “The sandbox …
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Ukrainian Zoo Animals Faced Starvation Due To Lack Of Funds
People came together this week to help a Ukrainian zoo after the wildlife park announced that its animals could potentially be in danger of starvation. The director of the Kharkiv Zoo reportedly warned that the zoo only had enough food to last through …
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