Breaking the bloody iceberg

Breaking the bloody iceberg
Later Teerawat uses knitting wool to link these spots of clay together into a constellation. In Thai, dao means stars while din means soil. But because a number of elements are similar to Iceberg, the question remaining is whether or not this final …
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Self-Imprisonment As Protest: A Gaza Woman's Harrowing Performance Art
To help her keep busy, her mother gives her simple tasks to do, such as peeling onions or knitting. She turns these ordinary life scenes into photographs. "I had the idea of representing myself through the different characters, the different aspects of …
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10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Rainbow Loom
4. finger knitting. You can make a bracelet using finger knitting, definitely, but once you know how, you'll be surprised at all the other things that you can also make! 5. folded paper bracelets. This is a great one, because kids can recycle their …
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