DIY Arm Knitting Tutorial – How to knit a scarf in 20 minutes

DIY Arm Knitting Tutorial - How to knit a scarf in 20 minutes

Welcome to Wool and the Gang’s Wool School. In this tutorial we show you how to knit a big chunky scarf just using your arms and Crazy Sexy Wool. We call it …

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  • Tendr Place says:

    btw i think your video is the ONE that finally got through to me and trust
    me…i watched a lot of them. yours was great with only visual and i got
    used to the song….thank you

  • Petrina Munaco says:

    This was by far the best visual to see how to switch arms. There is a
    movement for the first change of arms and this one show it! Thank you! Only
    recommendation would be to have a more colorful yarn to see a bit better.
    This is great non verbal direction I’ve found!.

  • Linda Schirmacher says:

    An excellent video….and without words!! Nobody could ever get this
    wrong…you do it so perfectly and simply. On a scale of1-10, you r a 20
    star woman . You rock…thanks so much for your talent, time and your
    patience. Most enjoyable. God bless ya,

  • Christina Wanniang says:

    Wow! I never thought of this before. Love the creativity and you definitely
    are a good teacher. Thank you. I will try this for sure.

  • Janai Jackson says:

    What song is that?!?

  • Gloria Ault says:

    I don’t know where to start! This instruction video has got to be the best
    I have ever seen. No talking necessary! How much clearer could it possibly
    be! I can’t believe anyone would pick at this video. Although I did not use
    wool I used yarn of my choosing but it was the instructions I needed. The
    speed was great and I simply paused and backtracked whenever I needed to. I
    made an afgan before this following another persons video and it is quite
    tricky to get it right. It turned out much too loose as well as other
    struggles including getting mixed up. Some comments were regarding the
    loosness and all they have to do is to watch closely its all there, rewind
    and go over it until you get it. Thank you for showcasing how to do Arm
    Knitting and not yourself. Gloria

  • Sebastian Skibiński says:

    No needles… cheater!

  • Tendr Place says:

    You’re great…. it’s just ME. I crochet but I am about to make a noose
    with this yarn and give up.

  • J Smith says:

    What is the song you have in the background? I have been searching for
    days…please help me!

  • Dismari Gardiola says:

    Where can I buy the yarn pls tell sorry cant find any.

  • Thalia Lomeli says:

    Mm string cheese XD

  • Lenore Berry-Zaragosa says:

    Great video!!! Wow your arms ARE the knitting needles. Now how do you purl
    with your arms?

  • Maria Daley says:

    So Hard

  • Tendr Place says:

    I’m not giving up…i just keep watching. I’m so visual I think music and
    talking distracts me but everytime I watch I learn something new….so far
    my practice yarn looks like a cat got ahold of it lol…..also i wish i had
    gotten yarn with some stretch. My problem is loose stitches and i don’t
    like how big some of them are…but I’m hanging in…I like watching your
    hands with just ‘quiet’….thanks for the email….it made me come back.

  • Liliana Cruz says:

    En español cual es el nombre de ese Hilo??? :/ Me encanto!!

  • Tanina Calandra says:

    Meraviglioso ma quanti grammi di lana occorre per realizzare una sciarpa?

  • Mrscreative47 says:

    Best tutorial I seen. I get it now. Thanks so much.

  • Tabz Bossie says:

    and finally i got a simple video that helped me……i did it first time in
    40 mins lol……….thanks a lot……and of course i

  • Vacheli Iyer says:

    I love this video. 

  • Stephanie Reider says:

    Thanks for the video I finally understand arm knitting! 

  • caro kulraj says:

    best video of hand knittting!! i watch @ least 1/2 a dozen & by far yours
    was the quickest to follow…plus, great track!! happy holidays…cheers :)

  • Anita Bousquet says:

    how about you say the words because I cant do it without you saying the
    words because you put that dume soge it it so if you are not going too
    speck don’t post it on youtube ok ok

  • Sandra Marino says:

    The best. Now I get it♡♡♡♡♡

  • Margaret Rivera Sastre says:


  • Renita Lake says:

    I am arm knitting all the gifts for the women in my family and this is my
    GO TO VIDEO! I’ve done four and I’m pretty good at it, but I still like
    to watch for reassurance and tutelage. Thanks Wool and the Gang!

  • 60NORTHTV says:

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