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Roundup of children's books, Jan. 25
Others appear in a series, for example, sheep, wool, knitting needles and a knit snowcap. There is much to ponder (and admire) in this French import that combines the simple and complex, concrete and abstract, natural and material worlds. Together …
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Trans life: I hope Sydney has a queer community where I can feel at home
And I made sure to fly via anywhere but Dubai. Since being gay is illegal there, I assume gender variance could have landed me on trial for witchcraft and/or wizardry. The incriminating evidence would have been the testosterone I was carrying, for …
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New York Times? Owner to Bloomberg: ?Not. For. Sale.?
… that Hizzoner might run for president. Bloomberg, of course, stuck to his knitting at City Hall. And in this case—despite the New York story's claim that he has privately expressed interest to Sulzberger—he has publicly disclaimed any hopes to …
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