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Adultery's wrong but so is giving up on your marriage, AMANDA PLATELL writes
Thousands of Britons have spent the week in a cold sweat after news that Ashley Madison, the dating website that specialises in extra-marital liaisons, had been hacked and its users threatened with public exposure. Some may consider that 'naming and …
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Tomato juice can ease menopause in a similar way to the hormone oestrogen
A glass of tomato juice a day could help ease menopausal symptoms, according to researchers from Tokyo Medical University. They found that drinking 200ml of the juice twice a day for eight weeks had a significant effect on overall symptoms, as well as …
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Sharm el-Sheikh is a five-star experience for sun and sea worshippers
It may have escaped your notice, but politicians and financiers are partial to the odd freebie. And they tend to organise the best ones too. In March, the World Economic Forum headed to Sharm el-Sheikh – the Egyptian Red Sea resort that enjoys year …

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