p-LUSH show – please buy knitting needles and crochet hooks

We are thrilled to be co-hosting p-LUSH – such fun. And we’ve been knitting and crocheting with our needles and hooks – please do go and buy some if you have…

This video, from the UK yarn shop Hulu Crafts, shows you how to knit a frilly scarf using Rico’s Can Can yarn.

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  • Belinda Harris-Reid says:
  • Michaela Chakos says:

    That’s so cool!! ο»Ώ

  • Hulu says:

    Knitting these scarves is so easy when you know how!ο»Ώ

  • aliciahn says:

    very nice, thank You! greetings from Mexico

  • LJay279 says:

    this is really good video check out what I made on my blog!

  • Mary Smith says:

    I decided to try casting on without 4cm spacing and have found it doesn’t
    flare out if you do that.

  • Anne Shevlin says:

    Hi great video. My scarf looked wider down the bottom. As it grew it went
    narrower but also u can see the joins underneath the frill. Please can you
    tell me what I’m doing wrong?thank you.

  • hulucrafts says:

    @joeyboi21afc Are you leaving leaving enough of a gap between each stitch?
    Try increasing the length of yarn before knitting the next stitch.

  • hulucrafts says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure without seeing it in real life. Are you keeping
    the distance between the stitches the same? It might be just be the weight
    of the scarf pulling it as it grows. I’ve not noticed this happening when I
    knit them though. By joins, do you mean joins where the yarn has broken? I
    usually cut those out and then sew the ends in underneath.

  • rochellemful says:

    Thanks so much. Really clear instructions and I cannot wait to get started.
    My 8 year old daughter is desperate for her red can can scarf and the
    colour is gorgeous. Swift delivery service from Hulu too, you have a new
    customer. As a fairly new knitter, all advice is appreciated.

  • hulucrafts says:

    @buindert I think youyou would need 2 balls for a scarf that wide and that

  • Sue Bartlett says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I was amazed that I knitted a scarf in
    three hours! I might even manage more, of various sizes, before Christmas!

  • RossandJackSongs says:

    Brilliant video, thanks! I first heard about can can yarn thru a friend and
    this video is so helpful. I’m hoping to make some really lovely, personal
    xmas presents now, yes i know it’s still March, but these things take
    time!!! Fab service from Hulu too, thank you πŸ™‚

  • Bonnie Cooper says:

    this video is a lifesaver, thank you! I had no idea what the instructions
    were referring to!

  • clern2001 says:

    Very helpful thanks as the instructions round the wool are inadequate

  • Mary Smith says:

    I knitted one for my eldest daughter and then her sister wanted one. Then
    my son asked for one for his girlfriend and now my 3 grand daughters want
    them. I might get around to making one for myself soon πŸ™‚

  • buindert says:

    I want to knit a scarf with 14 stidges and a length of 1,5 meter. How many
    do I need to buy???

  • TheBarty92 says:

    thank you very help helpfull and easy to follow πŸ™‚

  • Mary Smith says:

    I use 6.5 mm needles as that was the size recommended in the store where I
    bought the yarn.

  • pinksheep50 says:

    Thank you! I’ve been working on a ball of this and wasn’t sure how to cast
    off, this video is really useful πŸ™‚

  • donjope says:

    What a great helpful video. This looks great for a beginner like me.

  • Kathryn Wood says:

    Thank you – lovely clear instructions! And you’re right – the instructions
    are tiny – been putting me off trying it πŸ™‚

  • jeannette4527 says:

    Super video, easy to learn through.

  • designxyz6 says:

    Why knit and then it stretches big time. My instruction: Knit this scarf
    casting on 12 sts and 5.5 mm needles, you will be really surprised with the
    result. It will then hold its shape and will not drop. If you have knitted,
    and it has dropped, rip out and iron it back to its original shape, comes
    up like brank new. (Trust me I have knitted this and followed original
    instructions, it knits up too loose and not a good result. I have been a
    knitter for 40 years and I know what I am talking about.

  • janey barinov says:

    Super video, easy to see what you are doing, as it’s not too fast like some
    instructional videos, and clear concise spoken instruction,

  • lockwoodjenny says:

    Great instructions – works for Katia Ondas yarn too, much clearer than the
    instructions given in the free pattern. Thanks for this video!

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