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  • Michael E says:

    Not only is this simply an add for Monoprice, it’s also a scam! I get all
    that with a regular antenna. Besides, this is not far enough range – need
    100 miles to get all my channels here, so a regular old antenna is FAR

  • timm2020 says:

    For those of us who can remember only getting two channels and those
    channels signing off at 12am.
    The Antenna is okay if you cannot afford cable etc.
    However if you can afford another option, I say go with it.
    These antennas only pick up stations near you.
    Visit the website and locate your stations.
    Then map them for distance.
    Rural areas will only get 2-5 channels if you are lucky.
    In Big Cities much more.
    These antennas are digital now, the old school ones were Analog.
    Show you can get better distance and picture quality.
    Always do your homework as these antennas are not all good.

  • Jay Preis says:

    No one is claiming this a miracle antenna. It’s just a simple, inexpensive
    ($19), easily-installed, indoor/outdoor antenna with a 20dB signal
    amplifier. I bought a similar product from Costco for about $40 and mounted
    it in my living room. There are 34 digital ATSC channels available in my
    ZIP code, but because of surrounding hills, the antenna can only pick up
    about 6, and of those, only 3 have a signal that is strong enough to
    produce a continuous picture. The channels I can receive consistently are
    the San Diego affiliates of NBC, FOX and PBS. The picture quality is
    excellent (HD). To get more channels, I’d have to mount the antenna in the
    attic or outdoors–the higher, the better. Or maybe I need a better (more
    expensive) antenna.

  • XXXPJSXXX says:

    If you feel you are lacking intelligence,want to pay more on your
    hydro,and want to be endlessly frustrated with a sadly inferior piece of
    crap product…you know what to do…or do you? 

  • Sheri Mascote says:

    This is a brunch of crap it don’t work !!

  • Monika Kulpa says:

    Good video sir. I bought a 5 $ indoor antenna and a 70 $ blu ray player
    with internet access. Works like a charm I also use torrent sites to watch
    current shows like game of thrones. I’m saving 900 $ a year goodbye cable.

  • ren booth says:

    Will this product work on mars i am all alone and have no one to talk to
    and i like to watch the Flintstones yaba daba doo??

  • Kathleen Batey says:

    Everyone…calm down! These indoor antennas DO work! I get 21 channels
    and live in the country. I receive the three major channels, ETV and two
    all movie channels. I am not an avid sports person so don’t miss ESPN. My
    family can watch sports on the main channels. This is an aboslutely
    perfect solution for free HD TV and saving a $100 a month

  • mikewinburn says:

    this is a pretty cool throwback….
    i could be wrong but it seems like basically a digital content converter.
    Stations don’t broadcast in Analog anymore (not to my knowledge, and
    according to the MHz range its looking for digital signals.

    i do wonder though, if you’re using coax, you’re likely just getting 480i
    digital… not ID 480p, HD 720p, or HD1080i (tv isnt broadcast in 1080p

    Can anyone confirm that?

    this would likely be good only for those wanting just over the air free TV.
    (like users of Apple TV users who don’t have cable, or access to the
    CableProvider APP (like TWCTV / OptimumTV)….

  • anita raj says:

    can we record programes with this moderm 

  • edomar jismeivh says:

    yeah this would work just for local channels, just like any other antenna.

  • Igor Rozanski says:

    A scam? You are nuts. Just read the title of this video again. Yes, you get
    digital channels, yes, for free, no cable or dish. Ha ha. It’s just an
    antenna. Right! Of course you can buy a different one, but it works. What
    gimmicks? People, what were you expecting? You are so funny.

  • David Morales says:

    Ppl please stop falling for these cheap fake gimmicks. WHEN HAVE YOU
    It’s a ploy for them to make money simple. It’s the same as your roof top
    antenna, they’re just making it more craftier & appealing to the eye. JUST
    LIKE THE RABBIT ANTENNAE, Buyer beware, suckers rush and place your order

  • TheSoftwareJunction says:

    And how would you receive it without a box ? This is just an antenna.

  • Dennis Davis says:

    is this international ? 

  • djtblizzle says:

    Comments for this video should be disabled. The world has no shortage of

  • kwixotic says:

    Yeah, there’s something really suspect about the way the
    spokesguy/installer is describing this that sounds too shady. 

  • james warner says:

    this is nothing but an antenna for over the air broadcast if you have an
    old roof top antenna it will work just as well if not better because they
    are designed to pick up weaker signals and have a longer range. 

  • Erica Pallaron says:

    what’s with the stupid music?

  • Rafique Bruno says:

    i’m from the caribbean and it didnt work for me

  • sQWERTYFALIEN2011 says:

    It gets UHF ? Who here wants UHF ? Who here has ever heard of UHF ? (I
    know , it was the name of a movie by Weird Al Yankovic)

  • Carla Eagle says:

    does it work in 2014

  • Robin Miller says:

    Heh. I’m about 33 miles away from the Tampa (FL) main antenna farm, so I
    need a directional, amplified antenna on a 20′ or 30′ pole…. but that’s
    still a lot cheaper than cable. 

  • antwan brown says:

    Hay dude my name is twan man I love your videos how get you learn all of
    this …I wish I could contact you in person or just over the phone one day
    if you didn’t mind

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