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Rick Owens, Valentino and Louis Vuitton: The Fluidity of Gender
It would be a surprise in a show by a designer of Mr. Van Noten's assurance if the detail and ornamentation were less than fastidious, and as proof the final look in the show was a coat with a metallic silver pattern as crisp as a newly minted coin. “I …
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Think You Can't Knit? You Just Haven't Found This Yet.
If you've ever wanted to give the illusion of being "busy" to avoid awkward family discussions, or if you've ever felt the need to accomplish something tangible with your own two hands, you should try knitting. … Cozy blankets, sweaters, scarves …
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Can the Siberian Tiger Make a Comeback?
Her eyes were glazed and distant, her breathing shallow. The hunters tossed a blanket over her head and carted her into a nearby town, to the home of Andrey Oryol, a local wildlife inspector. Oryol immediately recognized the severity of the situation …
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