Flowers meet fibers for a rainbow of color

Flowers meet fibers for a rainbow of color
“You see students knitting. Even guys are knitting; everybody's doing it. It's very tactile and satisfying, working with yarn and fabric. I've become obsessed with spinning. I've been making lots of yarn – but I still don't knit, at least right now …
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Tribune Profile: Janette Hermanson: She volunteers with fabric
With that club, as well as with the Madison Knitters Guild she belongs to, she is able to do among other things, utilize her love of knitting for charity. Baby blankets, outfits, hats and mittens have … Although that is never easy, it has allowed her …

Growing Morocco's Textile Industry
Five projects are underway and agreements have been signed. These include an investment by Paris Texas in die finishing, printing … Morocco QualityKnitting is investing MAD 49.6 million and tintColor 2010 is investing MAD 16.88 million in the …
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