Jasmine Slippers | Quick & Easy { Knit }

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  • Jensen Kho says:

    Easy to follow. This would be my next project ;))

  • 2MANYTALENTS says:

    Hello, PleasantSeas. I would like to ask you a question about the stitches
    and really like it if you`d answer it. Can you make more stitches is your
    needles are skinnier? My needles size is 5. Thank you!

  • Sonia Guzman says:

    Here are a few suggestions if you don’t mind. I didn’t do YO for the
    increases. I used M1 because I didn’t want my toes to go through the holes.
    Another thing is. when you do the Kitchner stitch, you can knit off, purl
    on. Do that on both front and back needles all the way until the end and
    you end up with a garter stitch weave. It looks completely seamless. 

  • Natalie Flowers says:

    I’m confused on putting half of the sts on the two needles. Do you knit
    half of them on to the other needle?

  • Clémence Dantan says:

    hello! Thank you for your videos I love your items ! My question is: when
    you say “size 9 needle” is it the american size or the english size? That
    is because I’m french!! Tks

  • Valerie Yazzie says:

    I most of knitted to tight, because it seems smaller. I was making it for
    me (size 9). it fits my 8 year old niece. What would happen if i used a
    bigger needle?

  • Kim A says:

    Very beautiful & easy directions. Thank you!

  • japanesewhitelady123 says:

    i am a size 8.5 to 9 should i do a M or a L for this slipper

  • Rules and Terms says:

    Really nice.

  • jasmine Sanchez says:

    I really like this….to bad i only know how to crochet :(

  • Maru Ortiz says:

    Hi, good tutorial, but I am bit confuse with sizes, is it size small to fit
    uk size 4,5? I am more familiar with uk size than American although it
    seems very clear explanation bellow , I am Spanish and I’m not familiar
    with the terns and I am a beginner on knitting as well. I have started the
    smallest size but it’s seems very small, thanks 

  • Hala Kassab says:

    thank you very much , really its easy and cute

  • olybear2 says:

    Is there a link where I can find the pattern?

  • A Eisen says:

    very pretty.

  • Angie Norton says:

    That was a great and very informative video. Those slippers are really
    cute. I have been really worried about trying to knit a pair. But your vid
    has put me at ease. I think I will try this pattern as my first attempt at
    making slippers! Thanks for making this for us!

  • princess199799 says:

    Working yarn on 1st needle what do I need to do

  • Stephanie Adamson says:

    I love the slippers I can’t wait to make them I’m already making the
    Jasmine hat you are very talented

  • kyle benderoth says:

    sorry on my husbands account. lol what do you mean for row 6 when you say
    purl all wrong sides? does that mean i purl that whole row?

  • Sherry Cleroux says:

    So I am doing this on circular needles. Do I only purl when I get to row
    six and every wrong side after that? Am knotting it flat. 

  • Maru Ortiz says:

    I know now why it’s a bit small! I have japanese needle it has different
    sizes, thought it was the same as the american size as they tend to copy a
    lot from the american!! but not for this one, I was knitting with a smaller
    needle. thanks for the clear tutorial.

  • Effi Shaabani says:

    Thank you sooooo much

  • Michelle Abshire says:

    When you say wrong side rows would that be the same as even number rows on
    this pattern?

  • jada neri says:

    I don’t get what you mean by pure all wrong sides

  • mari villegas says:

    thank you. I like your instructions & you can actually see the stitches
    being worked. please post one, of how to knit a baby bootie.
    thank you

  • Kelli Anderson says:

    My holes look bigger then yours and I dont seem to have as many… when you
    purl the wrong side do you increase there too or do you just purl straight
    across? I’ve been just purling straight across

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