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Darn Tough sock factory expansion will add 250 to 300 jobs in Northfield
Ric Cabot's father, Marc Cabot, launched the firm in 1978, vowing that “knitting is going to come back to New England,” according to a trade press article still hanging on the plant lobby's wall. “Up until 2003 we were making socks for other people …

Get involved with knitting night
Other participants of knitting night also agreed it is really easy to get away from one project and start another. Especially when you get another project idea, start working on it and before you know it you've forgotten about the other project you had …
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Thrifty ideas: How to knit a floor pouf
This fun foot rest can be made in any colour to jazz up your home. It's knit in the round using a simple textured knit-and-purl pattern, then the top and bottom are just gathered together. Easy! The sooner you get knitting, the sooner you can put your …

Handmade: Detroit statues sport bright knitted scarves
"They knitted scarves and attached them to statues throughout their city with a note that says, "I am not lost! If you're stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warm." She says scarves work well for such charity knitting projects because they …
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