Skacel Knitting Fashion Show @ Vogue Knitting Live Los Angeles

Here is the skacel knitting fashion show that was presented at Vogue Knitting Live in Los Angeles, California in September 2011. Watch 32 fabulous looks go d…

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  • RabekaJo says:

    lol I sometimes get OCD on patterns and totally get carried away and shawls
    turn into blankets LMAO that was great! wearing a blanket at the end! loved
    the show thanks guys for sharing…one girl I couldn’t help but notice
    seemed to not like doing the show…seemed a bit fussy IDK which one but
    she seemed annoyed lol…but it was entertaining to watch her lol

  • mikayla B. says:

    are these all done by hand or machine? i worked on my first knitting
    project and i learned from a book. and it turned out nice i should have
    made it longer it still looks nice.

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