Colorwork: Intarsia Basics

Colorwork: Intarsia Basics

Norah Gaughan from the Berroco Design Team demonstrates the basics of the intarsia knitting technique used for Squirrely, a free pattern from the Berroco Kni…
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  • Daniela Godinez says:

    This was very helpful, thank you so much!

  • aasny says:

    Thanks for such a clear tutorial. I was always confused about the twist.
    It’s so much easier to remember that the last yarn you worked with goes
    over the new yarn. I’m ready to go forth and use intarsia now!

  • Sharon Rosenberg says:

    Shame on you Berroco! This is WRONG! You never knot yarn. Perhaps you
    should watch some other you tube videos on intarsia knitting. Hint: you
    wrap your yarn.

  • MejSproetjies says:

    Great video, thanks a lot. It was easy to follow.

  • karioca93 says:

    Wonderful, very clear explanation! I finally learned how to do it! Thank
    you very much…

  • 11seahorsestallion11 says:

    i dont get how this works relevant to the rest of the work, say if there
    were 20 stiches til you come back to the intarsia, or joining new colors..
    does the yarn have to be seperate from the ball? how do you anticipate how
    much to cut off?

  • Little Creative Nest says:

    VERY helpful! TY!

  • zoesydneyquin says:

    great video….im working up the nerve to do letters……..wish me luck

  • TeeJay G says:

    this is good;fairly easy to follow. I try to keep my yarn bobbins organized
    neatly so as to not make a tangled mess & I feel I can work much smoother
    if organized

  • Nati says:

    Really appreciated – very well explained!!! Intersia was a real mystery to
    me. I was doing a couple of test strips of colourwork and got my yarns
    hopelessly entangled. So thanks! this really helps. A propos, I’m still a
    little mesmerized that I’m watching Norah Gaughan, whose wonderful designs
    inspired me to start knitting in the first place.

  • ATimelessBeauty says:

    Excellent tutorial! Thanks!

  • Melody Ly says:

    Very ez to follow, thank you!!

  • Sidgnus says:

    This video really helped me. Thank you! 🙂

  • yolo22 says:

    thank you so much! i’m planning my first intarsia project and this is very

  • wonton71 says:

    awesome. Thank you for sharing. I am new to knitting, but I want to explore
    playing with color. Your tutorial and the POST IT ….now I got the basic
    down and never forget what row I am on. Many thanks

  • manna72 says:

    Simple and clear! Thank you!!

  • rjknittingdude says:

    Awesome video Nora. Very clear and easy to follow. I’ve been knitting since
    I was 8 and am now 56, but always love to watch how others do things, so
    really enjoyed your video. Most of my projects use a few dozens colors,
    with my biggest project taking 125. I didn’t even know I was knitting in
    Intarsia as I had never heard of it when I first started. I just wanted to
    use LOTS of colors, so created a way to do it, and turns out, it was
    Intarsia. Anyway, can’t wait to c more of yr vids 😉

  • pauswa1966 says:

    Bobbins – love ’em or hate ’em. Haha. Like anything else in knitting, it
    just takes practice. Thanks. 🙂

  • Patrice Davis says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I have spent DAYS working on a slipper and
    have ruined and started over more times than I want to admit because of
    color work. I think I can do it now!!! Thank you again!!!

  • fuzzylogic55 says:

    Thank you very much! I am a fairly new knitter and am taking on a colorwork
    headband. I had no idea how to do this as it was not in the pattern. You
    made it easy!

  • lilnuttyredhead says:

    you made this complicated Idea east to understand. THANK YOU!!!!!

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