How to Knit: Beginning a Row with a Yarn Over

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Basic Knitting Techniques Forgot a yarn over one and two by Donna Druchunas.

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  • Cate Field says:

    Excellent! Clear and precise… as for a man teaching ladies… fab! 21st
    Century cool

  • Teemu Jokinen says:

    A man teaching ladies how to knit…hilarious!

  • Nancy Brown says:

    Thank you for this good, slow tutorial. I learned how to do a YO at beg.
    of row, plus, learned sometimes directions say yarn over needle, and wyif,
    to indicate a YO.

    Romans 10:9-13
    John 3:16-21

  • J Armour says:

    ditto!: exactly the same problem with the same instructions. can anyone
    assist? please?

  • Ashley Evert says:

    So how would I do this if my pattern reads: Row 1: *Yarn over, slip 1
    purlwise, k1* – Repeat *-* to end of row. Row 2: *Yarn over, slip 1
    purlwise, k2tog* – Repeat *-* to end of row. I’m new to knitting and I just
    don’t understand this at all.

  • New Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet Video Tutorials says:

    You’re welcome!

  • goodness says:

    Good video! Thanks for being slow, and using chunky yarn.

  • New Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet Video Tutorials says:

    Send us a request on our website. There’s a contact form in the main menu.

  • Donna Druchunas says:

    I made a quick video about what to do if you are missing a yarn over. 

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