Knitting Help – Getting Started with DPNs

Using a set of double-pointed needles allows us to knit in a tube, and is useful for knitting socks, gloves, mittens, hats – anything that isn’t knit flat. Using 4 or 5 needles at a time can…
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  • VeryPink Knits says:

    +Emily Kim – it’s really a personal preference. I like to use DPNs that
    are 7 to 8 inches long. I like to be able to stash my knitting into my
    handbag without worrying about stitches falling off the ends of my needles!

  • Twinkle Toes says:

    This was really helpful, and just what I needed. Many thanks :)

  • Barbara Dawson says:

    This was very helpful! Easy to follow step by step instructions! Thank
    you very much for sharing this information! 

  • Theo Assimenios says:

    How do you determine how many DPNs you’ll be using? I have a set of DPNs
    and my pattern says to cast on 72 stitches. Should I use 3 DPNs and the
    working needle, or 4 DPNs and the working needle? Using three seems like it
    would be less hassle by removing the extra needle from the scenario. Thanks
    for your time, and I love your videos!

  • Erin Logan says:

    So helpful! a very clear way of showing how to start off which is the most
    confusing part in my opinion! thankyou!!

  • Emily Kim says:

    Does it matter how long your couple pointed needles are? I noticed in the
    videos I watched my needles looked longer. Mine are 7″ long.

  • caters123 says:

    I know that you can get stitches twisted during the 1st round but you can
    get whole needles twisted in subsequent rounds so I always check before
    knitting stitches on the next needle whether 1 or both of the needles are
    twisted because that will mean a twist in the work which most often you
    don’t want.

  • Yogesvari Queen says:

    i am able to knit in the round with out ladders or twisting the needles or
    stiches , but when i knit the 2×2 rib, i start with k2 and when i get to
    the end of the round i end up with k2, witch i should be ending up with p2,
    i have undone and redone it but the same thing keeps on happening, even if
    i start with p2 at the end of the round i end up with p2 instead of k2,
    tried several times don’t understand what is the problem?

  • Emily Kim says:

    Thank you!

  • Cristy Anzalone Bystry says:

    Your videos are always so well done! Short, no nonsense and clear. Thank
    you so very much!

  • lyssa chambers says:

    Awesome, as always…you are turning me into a halfway decent knitter!

  • YolieP says:

    YOU are my go-to for knitting lessons! Thank you for all your videos.
    You’re a GREAT teacher. 

  • Joanne Rasmussen says:

    You are the best! Thanks

  • Grey Mote says:

    Thank you so much for your clear videos! My fear of DPNs has been somewhat
    lifted now (just need to put it into practice)!

  • VeryPink Knits says:

    @JTBeadcraft Once you join the stitches in-the-round, it has no choice but
    to stay in the triangle shape. 🙂

  • TheKnellBelle says:

    I was totally intimidated about using dpns before, but your video makes
    perfect sense. Thanks for posting!

  • Chetty says:

    Question I am going to start for the first time it calls for a CO of 40 sts
    can I use 3 needles or do I have to use 4 to even it out?

  • lpm82 says:

    I’ve used DPNs for the first time and I had to cast on 41 stitches on one
    sleeve of a sweater I’m working on. I used three needles. However, the
    second sleeve that I am now working on, I have used 4 — It seems better
    with four.

  • clarissa valle says:

    i dont get how you do the beggining. When i started watching, the shape was
    already like that! Do you have a video showing how to do that?

  • pianomountainapple says:

    Thank you so much- this gives me direction. I LOVE your videos!!

  • MsPtitsA says:

    Excellent! I was wondering how to work with these kind of needles in order
    to do some work. Now I can do it!!

  • csndeb says:

    helpful, as usual. 🙂

  • pianomountainapple says:

    Hello, I am attempting the BeeKeepers Quilt and three DPNs are used (one
    bare) to make the Hexipuffs. I’m really getting turned around with the DPNs
    and where to go next with the working yarn 🙁 Can you offer a couple of

  • Penny Adams says:

    Thank you! Very, very helpful!

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