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Slicing a bagel along the 'Mobius Strip' is best way to add more filling
'The line needs to wrap around the outside and inside of the bagel, and end up connecting to the beginning,' Pashman writes. … Forget everything you know about cake cutting; this new method could turn the seemingly straight-forward practice on its head.
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Why you should ALWAYS slice meat against the grain
Dan Pashman first heard of the strange technique when he spoke to University of Sheffield mathematician Eugenia Cheng for an upcoming episode of The Sporkful podcast. In her latest video … 'The line needs to wrap around the outside and inside of the …
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Oldham County Fair features music, demo derby
The Oldham County Fair, celebrating its 82nd anniversary this year, continues the fun through the weekend at the fairgrounds in La Grange. Gates open Friday at 4 p.m. and the midway opens at 5 p.m. Admission is $ 10 a person but includes unlimited …
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Best of Giants Media Hour (8/3)
Don't sit up here and have me turn around and throw another guy in there. If you're in there as a starter with the first group, hold your position.” It's very early, again, we have no starters, but we have that first team, second team. I told them, β€œAt …
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