Thanks for watching Dont for get to like this video So this is how I crochet red heart boutique ribbons yarn,I hope this helps.
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Thanks for watching! Visit for the latest news on knitting and crochet tutorials. This video shows you how to knit with the very popular ‘Ribbons’ or Sashay-type yarn often…

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  • Michele Begor says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. Your video is so much
    easier to follow than Red Heart’s! I’m a beginner at crocheting but I
    think I can do this now with the help of your video which is a good thing
    because I found some pretty blue sashay ribbon at the store for a
    steal….4 for the price of 1! I’ve got a lot of scarves to make! :)

  • Lee Cockrum says:

    More power to you for crocheting with this stuff!! I knit with it, but then
    all the stitches remain on the needle so I do not have to find them!! The
    scarves I’ve made with it have been very popular, I’ve made about 25 or so.
    And I definitely roll it on the cardboard tube!!

  • Duke Louver says:

    OVW, have you tried making this using knitting needles? If not, watch a
    tutorial and then practice and decide which way you like better…for sure
    knitting is the easiest!!

  • Phyllis Lemoine says:

    Thank you so much for this easy to follow tutorial. I watched two others
    that had me totally confused. thank you for showing each stitch as you
    worked it. I truly appreciate this help

  • Rocky Gal says:

    You made working with this yarn look easy and I found it very difficult. I
    understand how to do it, but I found it difficult to find the stitches and
    turning it was difficult and it would get twisted and I decided this yarn
    is not for me. Good job on this tutorial! I just don’t have the patience
    to work with this yarn.

  • Andrea Sutton says:

    Thank you for a simple instructional video!! I may have to watch it a
    couple of times though!! :)

  • Rocky Gal says:

    TY TY TY!! This is SOOO much better than the one that Red Heart posted.
    You could not even tell what the woman was doing. The close-up really
    helps in showing the actual stitch loops. :D

  • Lynn W says:

    What does it look like as a finished product? 

  • Jill Hazard says:

    But… but… what do you do with the tail you have at the beginning? I am
    use to the sashay and starbella… mainly the mesh yarn.. where you fold
    over.. neither tutorial I have seen on Boutique ribbons tells me what they
    did to the beginning tail you skipped

  • Duke Louver says:

    when you zoomed in at the last you could not see what you were doing.also,
    how did you tie it off to finish? you do have one of the best videos for
    these instructions.

  • Eugenia Roberson says:

    nice very interesting thanks for sharing

  • Jill Hazard says:

    I could not find an empty paper towel roll and I did not want to wait for
    one to be available……sooooooooooooooooooo… I used my rolling pin
    haha.. It worked great

  • Michelle G says:

    That’s really pretty. 

  • Silverguardiancreations says:

    I tried pulling the yarn through like you said but it didnt ppull through

  • Harold Morris says:

    I want to say that you have the best and easiest tutorial for this scarf.
    They always lost me when they turned the yarn around but you made it look
    so easy and it was easy to understand. Thank you for posting this and
    making very easy! ~ Joyce ~

  • Annette Thomas says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorial. It was very informative and easy to
    follow. You made everything fall into place. I have taken up crocheting
    again after 25 years of not picking up a hook and I find there is so much
    more types of yarn to choose from. I have bought a few of these scarves
    for gifts and decided I could do them myself. Keep making more

  • Sunny Daye says:

    thanx for not having any distractions in the background :<) ie music blaring, dog barking, bird chirping, kids talking, etc

  • Jessica P says:

    The best I’ve seen this scarf made thank you for your help you are

  • Rheda Lewis says:

    the greatest info and lesson…….slow and very patient………now to
    learn, thanks.

  • Gwen Worth says:

    My scarf seems to tangle when I turn. Any suggestions?

  • Heidi Saunders says:

    So easy to follow! I have made other regular sashay scarves using what is
    called the ‘no crochet way’, but this is my first ribbons scarf I am making
    and using regular crochet! Yes I had to start over several times to make
    sure that I was doing it right, but your instructions are so good and I
    finally got it going! One problem I was having was accidentally dropping
    the crochet hook as I have numbness in my hands due to nerve damage in my
    neck…but that didn’t stop me! So far my scarf is coming right along and I
    am loving it! I am a beginner and enjoy the challenge of a new
    project…the more you do the better you get! Oh…whatever you do, DO NOT
    LET THE CROCHET HOOK COME OUT OF YOUR WORK or you will have a mess!!!
    Enjoy, its lot’s of fun!!!

  • Sunny Daye says:

    this is one of the better videos I have seen to learn to crochet the ribbon
    yarn scarf!

  • stefanya says:

    Thanks, hon, for an awesome instruction video! I’m on my third one already!

  • Gwen Worth says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I have watched others but came away confused.
    I have skeins of ribbons yarn and now feel I can be productive with it!

  • frowner lowksz says:

    Good video im going to try to make one.

  • JoannesWeb says:

    You can attach this ruffle at the edges of a sweater, around the cuffs, at
    the ends of a scarf. You can make the whole scarf alternating regular yarn
    and the ruffle yarn. 

  • Duke Louver says:

    this knits better using the wood/bamboo knitting needles, they are not so

  • Totogasm says:

    Thank you so much! I’m trying to find a nice way to make a ruffled scarf
    and the crochet ones look too thin/narrow. I think I will be knitting it so
    it would have a nice width. Thanks again for this video!

  • Nancy Lao says:

    Can you or would you make a vid of how to attach that to a knitting
    project? I would love to see it

  • Margaret Bassett says:

    thank you have knitted one last winter but my memory couldn’t remember how
    I did the pattern wanted to make anther as the one I had made caused
    comment found the instructions on site great maggie

  • Nancy Lao says:

    Can you or would you make a vid of how to attach that to a knitting
    project? I would love to see it

  • Ronda Anderson says:

    Thank you for showing me how to knit this scarf. Just learning.

  • Alice Earlywine says:

    Thanks for the video, now I am excited to use this yarn.

  • Charlene Tyson says:

    Ohh this is pretty. elegant 

  • Josie Meyer says:

    i just finished a scarf using 10 stiches but I noticed that the the ends
    look flat but the center turned out looking round. What did I do wrong?
    Please advice. Thank you.

  • JoannesWeb says:
  • elbeige91 says:

    this is the second video of yours i watch. simple and easy to understand.
    thank you. 

  • NeCe Lenore says:

    I always wondered how to use this yarn and you made it look very easy.
    Thank you.

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