How to make a rainbow loom fishtail without the loom

How to make a rainbow loom fishtail without the loom

Click ‘Show More’ to read where the rubber bands come from!!!!!!!!!! hope this helped! i got the rubber bands from 5below but you can get them any drug store…

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  • braceletmkr5 says:


  • JAHS says:

    Remove this tutorial you are ruining the lives of many kids. They will
    become obsessed and spend hours every day in there room addicted to making
    these loom bands. Save them before it’s to late.

  • Barbara eduarda says:

    Legal their pusserar is written on my channel I speak Portuguese and

  • Prasant Sahoo says:

    Fuck you just making for like that and you made throw out from my school 

  • Liyah Dancer says:

    Okay i did not really learn from you so whateves but my friend had help :)

  • Nijaya Knight says:

    She did a good Job showing us how to make fishtail bracelets

  • Tanki General says:

    Can boys also where this? :3

  • Seven amazing Teens says:

    Thanks,it really helped me a lot now I have a hole box full of them thanks
    a lot

  • Buttonmutten says:

    Could you slow down I was keeping up last time I watched your vid in 2013

  • Pecko says:

    You can also use a fork and you don’t hurt your fingers hahah

  • Thembela Mlandu says:

    I know this bracelet duhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Rayane iConù says:

    Wonderful , thnxx you make it vry easy !

  • Pretty Amberly says:

    Isn’t the rubber band stretchy? I think I’m not gonna use my fingers on
    making fishtail bracelet because it might hurt my fingers!! but thanks for
    the video I’ve learn a lot of lessons!!!

  • Janet Davis says:

    Great video and well done for showing so easily how to make these bands. I
    thought I’d give them a go just to see if I could do them even though I
    know they are for the younger people, I wanted to try. I had a few
    problems with my fingers going blue from the bands but soon got the hang of
    it with your wonderfully detailed instructions. So thank you and again well
    done on an excellent video.

  • Roy Alvin Alba says:

    Thx it help so much when i made this on January

  • Kelly Kyler says:

    this really works And I’m Glad! I didn’t get the Board but,I have the
    Needle And Bands I got them In A goodie Bag when My dad Came Home From
    Canada And I found this Video!

  • BearHugsLPS says:

    Thank you! This helped so much!!

  • ShadowVSGamez says:

    Thanks i love your stuff!!!!!!!

  • Anre Koddo says:

    Im only one who is making bands with my fingers or fork?

  • Toy Bonnie the Bunny says:

    My I took very long making this because I fail but dude thanks .. Are u
    girl or a boy

  • Paulette Thornton says:

    This helped me so much Thanks

  • Shawanna Douglas says:

    I like watching fish tail bracelet with rubblerbands a

  • Giovanni Munoz says:

    thx this really helped a lot
    but my fingers are num :(

  • LOL says:

    Could you get the box from Hobby Lobby? I read dis btw.

  • Joshua Kgautlhe says:

    Thanks ”

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