Loom Knit: Looms, Tools & Basic info Part 1 of 2 with CC

Loom Knit: Looms, Tools & Basic info Part 1 of 2 with CC

Have you ever wanted to learn how to loom knit? Now is your chance to start! Use this wonderful tutorial from Kristen Mangus of GoodKnitKisses and start loom…

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  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @Chihuahuaization Amelie They are use for double knitting (I do have a
    playlist for that on my channel with stitches and techniques) to get a
    thicker item or scarf. Also the long looms are used for knitting in the
    round instead of having a giant round loom. These have an end peg to allow
    knitting in the round. Some don’t have that end peg so you wouldn’t be
    able to do that. You can also use all the pegs but not comment them and it
    will make a panel nearly double the witch of the loom depending on your
    stitch. Thanks for watching and subscribing!

  • Serene Alkathiri says:

    thank u so much.. I bought a new set of round loom and they r really fun.

  • c&m says:

    Thanks . 

  • Sheryl Daniel says:

    I want to make a Sweater coat. I havent seen one in years. It doesnt have
    to be heavy, just something similiar to a regular sweater (not pullover) to
    wear in place of a sweatshirt. Anybody have any ideas? I was thinking about
    using the longest rectanglar Loom cause of the width, for the back piece &
    possibly the 14″ Loom for @ front pieces. Sleeves I can use a round loom,
    probably the green one to hold my old lady arms! LOL. (I’m 61) But how
    could I connect the long pieces to sleeves? maybe make top section of body
    pieces a little wider (increase)??? HELP. If no one knows, maybe I’ll
    create something not in Loom Knitting books1

  • Bob Bob bob says:

    ware do you get the spul loom

  • Chihuahuaization Amelie says:

    What are the long rectangular looms for? 

  • Isabel Ramirez says:

    How can you connect two knitting looms? 

  • Courtney McKenzie says:

    Oh! Also! I find the really small looms are perfect for tube scarves ;)

  • Courtney McKenzie says:

    Thank you so much! I have so many different sizes of looms, so I decided to
    search what they were all for. Thank you for the help!

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @seattlegrobanite you can make bags, flat panels for blankets, scarves,
    etc. your limit is only your imagination 🙂 I have a tutorial series on a
    bag as well.

  • supermotherof10 says:

    The title of this needs to be changed. Maybe call it an overview of loom
    knitting products available. The title makes it sound like you are going to
    actually teach how to use the loom.

  • Cheryl Robinson says:

    too much talking. was expecting to see her actually use the loom

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @”deborah parrish” yes you can double knit and seam the panels together or
    you can knit as a flat panel almost as in knitting in the round and don’t
    connect. That will get you double the width of the loom basically. Just
    make sure to start ends and edges with an alternating stitch pattern to
    prevent rolling like the garter, rib or seed.

  • seattlegrobanite says:

    Is there anything else you can do on the yellow loom besides what you
    mentioned in the video? I don’t have a need to make hats that large so the
    loom is just sitting around collecting dust until I can find another use
    for it…

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @1craftymom This series was meant as an overview. If you visit my main
    channel you will see playlists for stitches, techniques and even whole
    projects on “loom alongs”.

  • deborah parrish says:

    Is it possible to make an afghan on a rectangle loom?

  • ana amalia Teixeira says:


  • CosmeticsConnection says:

    A set of 4 of these are on sale for 9.99 at Michaels this week!

  • zirtaeb1974 says:

    Morro in Brazil and would like to buy a loom quite another round and
    straight, how? my imail is biakika@hotmail.com

  • cowgal jazzy says:

    A friend recommended this to me , when I learn how to crochet I’m going to
    learn this too!I’m learning how to crochet now. wish I would have started
    at a young age.

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @TeenYarnie To answer your question of which loom to buy first I would say
    if you can get a Knitfy Knitter Long loom with loom clips as a add on.
    There is a pack with 4 long looms in a set. Those you can knit in the
    round, as a flat panel, or double knit. With the loom clips you can bring
    in the size for a smaller hat or item or just to decrease or increase
    sizing as you go. I hope that helps! Happy knitting! -Kristen

  • patricia dolores andrade barros says:

    donde consigo los telares en colombia

  • penny Penny says:

    do you always have to use 2 strands of thread? I am new at this and wanting
    to learn as much as i can.

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    @MyTwoCentsWorth100 I have several tutorials on my main channel for
    specific stitches on the loom, how too cast on and off and other
    techniques. There is also a playlist there with categories. I hope that
    helps. Sorry for the confusion. Happy Looming! -Kristen

  • TeenYarnie says:

    Which loom do you recommend me buying first? Cuz looms are quite expensive
    in my country.. Should I buy the round ones or the long looms?

  • c&m says:

    Thanks. I love mine if u go to my pages u can see what I make 

  • c&m says:

    U can get them at acmores 

  • ibearhugs says:

    i think it is amazing that you craft with your daughter.

  • Midash Row says:

    :O theres a monster tail loom of this!!

  • Callie Teague says:

    It’s 2 different brands. The flower loom is made by Boye. I don’t know any
    other brand. BOYE ALL THE WAY!!! Boye is very reliable

  • GoodKnitKisses says:

    I’m so glad you found knitting looms to be fun! I hope you can check out my
    loom knitting video channel to help you and your family 🙂 Our girls
    recently discovered the Rainbow looms too. So fun! Come on over to my
    channel for help. I have over 200 videos. Also a playlist with over 50 that
    I consider progressional as you learn stitches and looms. There is a fun
    loom along video for a mesh bag (on the 41 peg) for the summer too or a
    tiny soap bag made on the 12 peg flower loom. Happy Looming!! – Kristen at

  • kennedy lapensee says:

    I have this 

  • Leslie Skibinski says:

    I have four of the flower looms, two sets of the round looms and one set of
    the long looms and i have one spool loom.

  • Deanna Lawrence says:

    I got one at micols fo 2.99

  • gaby morelos says:

    Were can u buy those stuff

  • artzology says:

    Can’t wait to see what you make from these! Too Fun!

  • fAith sAITO says:

    Soooooooooooooo are you going to make video on how to make stuff???

  • Paige withpanache says:

    Now here is something else I can’t wait to see ! My friend bought one a few
    years ago and neither one of us could get yarn to unhook off the peg . We
    tried to loosen our weave and nothing would work for us! Can’t wait to see
    your outcome

  • 2tinytreasures says:

    tfw 🙂


    Hi again… I remember making a knitting spool with a large empty spool
    from thread and using nails for the prongs ~~ and we called the finished
    cables cats tails…lol…lol…couldn’t use them for much ~~ just sewing
    them around and making round mats for bowls…lol…lol… I am wondering
    if your girls can use the rubber bandz on these looms to make a different
    look friendship bracelet… Have a fun autumn day… Surie

  • Lauraluvslace says:

    Very cute, thanks for all the tips, hugs Laura.

  • Winifred Rose says:

    I bought the circle looms on clearance at Micheal’s several years back…I
    think I have them stuffed under a dresser. I never did learn to use them!

  • 2tinytreasures says:

    I created a public playlist of tutorials I’m using online. This lady
    doesn’t use the anchor peg as a starter, just as a place holder.


    Old school! I had the loom for making pot holders. 🙂

  • 2tinytreasures says:

    lol exactly just a lot of long tails tied to dining room chairs and table
    legs! I think they said they can make the fishtail bracelet on these looms
    since it only takes two pegs 🙂

  • IsChuckNorris says:

    I love these. You can make a hat in less then a day its awesome

  • Paige withpanache says:

    I watched a video in your playlist and It looks to me that the knifty
    knitter looms are easier to use than the other brand because the Peg tops
    do not have as large of a rounded tip making it easier to work yarn over
    peg?? If you are understanding what I mean lol , can you tell if there is a
    difference between the brands?? Thanks 🙂

  • fancypurpledolphins says:

    I’ll try it… 😉

  • chellesunflwr says:


  • 2tinytreasures says:

    great! I have supplies for you 😉

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