Turning clicktivists into real-world activists

Turning clicktivists into real-world activists
The tools may be new but activists are still trying to do that old-fashioned thing: change the world. The power of the technology has made that seem more tantalisingly … This is a new kind of volunteering, giving one's name and money without leaving …
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Community Calendar
The large public room just inside the doors of the historic church will be filled with looms, spinning wheels, knitting needles, and other tools and supplies used by fiber artists and craftsmen. Refreshments will be available …. Bill Sykes: “My Name …
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Presidential Proclamation — Establishment of the Sand to Snow National Monument
The area includes a portion of the San Bernardino National Forest and connects this area with Joshua Tree National Park to the east, knitting together a mosaic of spectacular landscapes stretching over 200 miles.� The mountain …. Common tools were …
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