Beautiful mind, beautiful spirit

Beautiful mind, beautiful spirit
She recorded her feelings on the video blog she kept on her YouTube channel. She called … She had been a healthy, precocious child, the first of two daughters born to Michelle and John Urbán, a close-knit working class family in Albuquerque's North …
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Emma Blackery, Jack Harries, Benjamin Cook and more YouTubers respond to
YouTubers are a tight knit bunch, and if you mess with one of them, the chances are you're gonna be messing with the lot of them. They'll give you a big fat … He wrote a scathing article about some of the most popular vloggers, the YouTube culture …
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Indie moviemaking gets 'The Chair' on Starz
Shane Dawson has more than 10 million subscribers to his YouTube channels, where he's posted hundreds of short and hilarious videos, many in the worst possible taste. He makes a living off of his channels but knows it's time for him to move from the …
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Activism on the Move: Mediating Protest Space in Egypt with Mobile Technology
But reliability also stemmed from the particular kinds of networks enabled by mobile phones; more close-knit, strong ties facilitated a crucial interpersonal mobilization in which the nebulous boundaries between online activists with regular Internet …
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