How to Knit For Beginners Lesson 1

How to Knit For Beginners Lesson 1

This video is for the absolute beginner. By the time you finish this video you’ll have learned the basics of knitting as well as have completed a kitchen cloth. What You’ll Learn: casting…
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  • Susan Adeline Love says:

    I don’t get it, I always try and do the classic stockinette stitch but I
    always end up with garter# crocheting is easier ^×^ XD

  • emma dillabough says:

    This video is amazing! Wonderful teacher! So calm, goes slow enough that a
    beginner can keep up. Thank you!

  • Sam Hill says:

    +americanknitter really liked this video, it’s very helpful. I don’t
    get why everyone is commenting on your nails though….I like them and they
    don’t seem to effect your work at all. But then again I wear stilettos.

  • Paula Brubaker says:

    I found this tutorial perfect. I’m an avid crocheter. Finished my dishcloth
    in one sitting. Great directions.

  • Shawna Robertson says:

    I am in the process of learning how to knit so of course, I look up
    tutorials to help. For a beginner, it is hard to see when you are trying to
    show the difference of a knit stitch to a purl stitch as you are using such
    a dark color yarn for the video and I love your nails, but it is a
    distraction (lose my concentration checking out your nails =)…) Thank

  • norcalsunny says:

    Great beginner video, but I’m having a hard time seeing the yarn because of
    the dark color. Maybe a lighter color should have been used. 

  • Charise Martinez says:

    love your tutorial, very easy to follow…. I have tried with others and
    could not make it work. Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Surbhi Kapur says:

    You’re a good teacher. Thanks!

  • Tami Pietsch says:

    Nice tutorial, thank you. I would like to mention that it would be easier
    for people to see and not be so distracting if your nails, were not so wild
    🙂 Great look for a weekend out, but not the best for teaching.

  • Jessica Boucher says:

    i keep having issues going from the knit stitch to the pearl stitch. is it
    supposed to get significantly tighter when you change the stitch? like, i
    can’t even move my needles…I’m so confused :(

  • chertofer aulik says:

    I’m only 10 years old

  • amanicangel says:

    Geez… those who can’t, complain. Your tutorial is so helpful that I
    learned the knit stitch in only 3 attempts. Purl on the other hand, ” get
    it? other hand ?? lol ” is a wee bit more difficult but w/ practice I’ll
    get it. Thank you so much!

  • Yvonne Courtoreille says:

    Good tutorial I personally love your nails. I was more what you are
    teaching then what you look like tho. ( beautiful you r (: ) thank you

  • Candi Smith says:

    You need to use slow motion at least in the first part on how to hold it on
    your hands….I watched fifteen times and still couldn’t understand .

  • Gem Jewel says:

    thanks. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong on my increases. your
    pace and instruction allowed me to see what I was doing wrong.

  • MaisiSaysHello says:

    i quit after i tried to do the casting on thing 14 times. i’ll just stick
    to weaving.

  • Sheila Rose says:

    Very calm and clear video. Thanks very much. I can now knit dish cloths for
    my daughters!

  • Ella weigand says:

    hi my name is ella and I am 10 year old and I looking up on youtube for 7
    weeks now but today I looked again and u really helped a lot thankyou

  • The best says:


  • Morgan Carpenter says:

    Fuck it I can’t knit 

  • julio sanchez says:

    Cool I did it!

  • Tammie Martinez says:
  • Janeth Rincon says:


  • Uday Sujith Kandalam says:

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