How to Pick Up a Dropped Stitch in Knitting For Dummies

Dropped stitches can cause knitting to unravel, so you must pick up (fix) that dropped stitch. This video shows you how to find dropped stitches and how to f…

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  • Lynn Fuller says:

    Your demo makes it look so easy. I was stressing because I had to wait a
    week for help. Thank you so much for this easy to follow tutorial.

  • Amber Johnson says:


  • theHookdude west says:

    thank you for this tutorial

  • Vulcansausage says:

    I see the horizontal lines but there is no stitch to be seen?

  • Kelley Dodd says:

    Thank you for explaining this so simply! The lady that is teaching me to
    knit says she knows how to fix it but not how to teach me to fix it, so
    when I drop a stitch, I’ve had to wait until I see her to be able to
    continue working on my project. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks again!

  • Liz Williams says:

    Well, this is nice but it didn’t work for me. When I would recuse the
    stitch I thought was drop and put the needle in and put the one behind on
    the needle and pull it through and do the next one, I would see that the
    stitch below the one I thought was the drop stitch and if I went back and
    started again and picked that one up, then the one below would drop!!!! So,
    I have ripped out for the 12 or 14 time and am putting it up!! Thanks for
    helping. I try again some other time… Maybe I’ll just stick to

  • Jamie Holtsclaw says:

    Thank you very much! Had to watch it a couple of times, but I got it!

  • Ambiefyer says:

    thank you. I always have to unravel what i have knitted and start from the
    beginning I was wondering how to do this for a while. Thank you

  • Tess Zellner says:

    Life saver!!!

  • Sandy Campbell says:

    Here is one! 

  • xxXGreenEyedBeautyXxx says:

    my scarves will never have a dropped stitch a gain

  • Reneec3343 says:

    Thanks alot!! but what if your working on a garder stitch? How would you
    fix a dropped stich there?

  • Nyhsnamor Said says:

    excellent video….such a clear and easy video. thanks again!!

  • lanacan says:

    Nice video to fix a dropped stitch without a crochet needle. I need to
    practice this.

  • MsParrotgirl says:

    thank you–u just saved my life!!!

  • Lynn Parker says:

    This is very easy to understand. I’ve been knitting for awhile but totally
    forgot how to pick up a dropped purl stitch. Thanks for the quick,
    effective, easy reminder.

  • mattandkelldavis says:

    thank you so much! What a relief and what clear instructions!!!

  • Bohemian Things says:

    I have watched several videos and still could not successfully pick up a
    dropped stitch, until I watched this video. Now, I can move along with my
    first knit project. Thanks for your help!!!

  • shadowebony3 says:

    thank you for taking the time to share this you have just saved another
    project being ravelled into another ball 🙂

  • clairerussell87 says:

    Thanks this was very clear and helpful!

  • maymay5631 says:

    SLOW DOWN!!!!

  • Nancy Seibel says:

    Excellent, clear and hugely useful instructions!

  • Angela Wheeler says:

    Very easy and clear instructions!!!!

  • Michelle Stancil says:

    Where have I been? I was dreading having to do this, as a beginner I
    haven’t gotten this far yet. What a perfect tutorial! Anxiety GONE! Thank

  • dalva maria ferreira says:


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