Trying to get a taste of Thanksgiving in Ireland

Trying to get a taste of Thanksgiving in Ireland
The shop aisles in Cork will be quiet, unlike the grocery stores in my native America. The English Market won't have hanging geese on display ready to roast. There will be no special displays, nor clusters of twenty-somethings on their phones asking …
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Bigger Is Not Always Better: The Value of Longtail YouTubers
There's no doubt that YouTubers with a huge number of followers are a powerful and influential force on YouTube, but when it comes to brand endorsements specifically, bigger does not automatically mean better. In many instances, partnering with …
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Her fight against dysautonomia: Erin Robertson's seven-year struggle with rare
Erin continued to receive treatments, but was not properly diagnosed with Dysautonomia until after her GI system shut down and she had to have temporary feeding tubes inserted through her nose. The shutting down of her stomach (or … “That's one thing …
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