Easy Loom Knitted Hat With A Brim

In this video, I show you how to make a hat with a brim on a round knitting loom. I used the 36 peg loom which measures about 9 inches in diameter. If you us…
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  • lynn slater says:

    My daughter has classic autism and has just started loom knitting..her
    first project is a hat..a few mistakes but she’s enjoying it…hoping she
    will go on to make other items..your videos are very clear and easy to
    follow… Thank you.

  • DeathToAllHamsters says:

    so i got ADHD and mild autism and after watching this i went out and got a
    set finished my first hat and made it too long lol xD but damn this is
    awesome 😀 allready got 5 persons who wants a hat hehe :)

  • robin Taub says:

    thanks my hat looked great because of you!!!

  • proudmummy1983 says:

    My husband and i brought this crazy knit loom for our 10year old daughter,
    she foud your video and started a hat but, has no patients what so ever! so
    i took over lol….im now on my 2nd hat! Totally love your video super easy
    to follow and the results are perfect! Big thank you for taking the time to
    show beginners like my daughter and i. I foubd how to make a pom’pom on
    youtube and added that to my first hat, my daughter loved it that much she
    wears it to school lol. Hope the charity went well poppet. :)

  • Paula Zuehlke says:

    I loved your video.. very easy to understand and follow. I am brand new to
    loom knitting and have started this hat at least a dozen times or more!
    I’ve discovered the problem I;m having is called laddering which affects
    the last 2 or 3 stitches of each row. Today I tried it using a straw and
    that seemed to help some.. I didn’t notice any such problems with your
    hat.. Do you have any suggestions for how NOT to do this 🙂 or is it just
    a matter of experience and practice. Thanks for your time :)

  • Aimee S says:

    Just finished making this hat. Your instructions were very clear and made
    it easy to follow. It didn’t take that long. Thanks so much. I really
    enjoy your videos! I did find that the hat wasn’t as big as I thought it
    would be. It fit, but was not loose or slouchy. Is that the way it should
    fit? I don’t have a big head – just wondering.

  • Mayra Alonso says:

    Thank you for your videos I made the scarf and the hat and they came out

  • GameGetting Girl says:

    Yes! Just finished making mine as well! You are a VERY good teacher 🙂 I
    enjoy the way you just “Talk & Go-On” about different things & way’s to do
    it sometimes as if you are just teaching friends. Thank you so VERY much &
    i am now 1 hat down on my Christmas tree gifts!

  • Jennifer Jones says:

    My 10 year old daughter finished her first hat today. THANKS to your
    helpful instructions. 

  • shannon escoriaza says:

    Hi its my first time looming and i just wanted to know how to keep the yarn
    from getting so tight because i even broke the hook tool trying to loom the

  • Caelan Duffy says:

    Thank you my hat turned out fantastic getting a baby loom

  • Green River Greg says:

    Very easy and awesome tutorial…thanks!!

  • Esther Cho says:

    Would this fit on a man’s head? Or would I need to use a larger loom?

  • Dylan Baker says:

    what weight of yarn did you use? is it two strands of worsted?

  • Cassidy Klaver says:

    Hi this was my first time knitting and this video helped and I am sendijg
    20 hats and 20 scarfs to chritly

  • C Lovely says:

    i’ve always wanted to learn how to do this thanks so much:)

  • Berenice Yang Gonzalez says:

    Do you think I can used a super bulky yarn or would it make it look to

  • edogawaranpo says:

    These are really helpful instructions, with the close-up video and detailed
    verbal descriptions. Many thanks.

  • kadence grase agdollgirl says:

    Thanks so much I wanted to always make a knitted hat out of a brim 

  • Violet Kh says:

    About how long did it take you to do this hat? 

  • Cassidy Klaver says:

    Do you make videos on how to make a scarf

  • iris hall says:

    can you use 1 string?

  • Sarah Barton says:

    Hi there is the measurement 9 inches with or without brim please . I’m
    wanting to make some pink ones for my local hospitals breast cancer ward .

  • Enderdraws says:

    Ok thays what I did. Also what could I do if I don’t have the needle
    anymore? I mightve lost mine…

  • Jenny JJ says:

    Yes thanks:) I’m following your video now about to do the Brim. Thanks

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