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  • Louise Fontaine says:

    Hi Emy, does this technique work when doing K1P1 ribbing? Thank you! Your
    videos are amazing!

  • B Metz says:

    I learned this method in the 9th grade while at boarding school, in
    Albuquerque, back in 1961. For every ten stitches I slip on a marker, so
    that when I have over 20 st to cast on–I don’t go bananas recounting. I
    also knit two sleeves at the same time, and the right and left front at
    same time/same needle. Each sleeve and each side has it own ball/skein of
    yarn. Those giant and large gift bags that are $1 each at dollar tree, I
    use to hold each knitting and crochet project in.

  • Linda Harrison says:

    Hi, I’m just learning at 53 and went through a few videos and wow casting
    on this shows me its so easier than the other videos I’ve watched. Thanks
    for showing.

  • Kandybeth Garcia says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

  • Sailor Girl says:

    Thank you so much! I was using this method but without the second step of
    knitting it and like your sample the end was always loose…I am definitely
    going to do this method from now on!! Am going to share this with my
    daughter as well! 

  • Laurel Abraham says:

    I really like this method. I crochet a lot and find this method very
    helpful and usable. My question is this since there are various methods to
    cast on, and some are better for certain projects, what are the cast on’s
    and what are they used for? Hope that makes sense.

  • dance2themusic731 says:

    You did a wonderful job of teaching this cast on. I was rebelling against
    it as I had always done the basic simple way. But as you said, the first
    row leaves loops and I’ve never liked how it looked. Now I want to try this
    way you show in the video. Thank you!

  • designedforuink says:

    I’m not even sure if this site is still available. However, how do you
    measure stitches when you are casting on 180 stitches on circular needles
    using this method of casting on. How much yarn is the second length of
    yarn. I use the old method taught to me by my mother.

  • Mary Williams says:

    thank you!! easy and a method I’ll continue to use.

  • brahms1545 says:

    This was a great tutorial! I’m trying to pick up knitting again after 40
    years. This is way my grandmother showed me. No other cast-on tutorial
    makes it this easy. Thank you so much for making knitting accessible again!

  • threethymes says:

    Excellent demonstration, thank you.

  • Vera J says:

    That’s how I learned to knit in Ukraine! Except that the loop is made
    inside the left palm. Great videos :)

  • Lawrence Hermans says:

    Thank you so much! I was always casting on with the 2 needles and this
    always created a very sloppy edge but this is very neat. 10/10

  • Sahara Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing this helpful video of my favorite cast on. I put the
    needles away sadly for a couple years and wanted to pick them up tonight. I
    watched your video and it came right back to me :)

  • Janie Dawes says:

    This is how I learned to cast on over 50 years ago from a lady that owned a
    yarn shop in my hometown. Something you never forget!

  • Shanna Butterfly Strange says:

    Brilliant Thank you so much.

  • Ciel Grumptomhive says:


    Thank you so much for making thumb-knit cast on very easy.

  • Isabel Vo says:

    I learned to knit at around nine years old, and for the week I did commit
    to knitting before my mom put away my yarn for five years, I got really
    good at it. I just now found that yarn and I’ve gotten back into knitting,
    this method I found has saved me plenty of time with my first row.

  • PotentiallyHarmful says:

    AAAHHH thank you for refreshing my memory!!! I haven’t knitted in a while
    so my memory and muscle memory completely forgot how to cast on!

  • Zarina S. Bibi says:

    it seems as if you are knitting the cast on? Your thumb plays the needle

  • Donna Landry says:

    Wow, this is the BEST video to learn how to cast on and knit at the same
    time!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Kit Saunders says:

    The only thing I’d ask is what if you’re doing a pattern that asks, as many
    do, for rib at the beginning? You don’t want a row of all knit stitches
    done if you’re doing rib. 

  • Christiana Thrussell says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I was doing the other cast on method and
    found that it was fine for the cast on row, but when I had done a couple of
    rows the cast on row ended up having loops. Doing it this method stoped
    this from happening as you cast and knit at the same time! 

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