How to Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes with Simply Maggie (with Bloopers!)

NEW PATTERN! Knit with your arms, no needles required. The fastest way to knit a chunky style blanket. Visit my blog: http://www….

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  • Simply Maggie says:

    GUESS WHAT! The Couture Jazz yarn is being restocked on the Premier Yarns
    website and will be ready for purchase in the next couple of weeks! YAY!

  • Leabelle Dolphysa says:

    Bloopers suck.
    The integrity of the video is WAY much interesting than the bloopers.
    You where not need to put the rest, just one blooper is good and it’s the
    first one about the loop.

  • Emily Mader says:

    That’s a $77 blanket! … I mean it looks beautiful and cozy but, you can
    buy a great big blanket from Wal-Mart for more like $40. I think I’ll stick
    to scarves.

  • Elena LeBlanc says:

    What other brand of yarn would be most similar to the Couture Jazz?

  • Ferrets Vallone says:

    how much did the yarn cost altogether? 

  • Rulanga Ros says:

    Hey Maggie! I’m not really into knitting but I’m trying this cause I really
    love the blanket! So I’m starting with scarfs to make sure I’m able to
    perform it properly hehe… just need to know, I’m a tall lady, I will try
    a 70”x45” pattern. How many yarn skeins would I need? And how many
    stiches? Thank you sooooo much, grettings from Spain!!

  • Rebekah Mau says:

    It’s kind of like knitting in jumbo size :-)

  • Emily Martingell says:

    Hi, I’ve never knit before in my life haha and I’m 15 and would really love
    to make this for my mums birthday which is in 2 weeks, I live in England so
    I fugured Amazon would be the best place to look but I can’t afford the
    wool you have used and like I said I’m only 15 :s there is 2 wools that I’m
    looking at but I really have no idea which one to buy as I can’t see how
    thick they are? One is called “Sirdar Big Softie Super Chunky Knitting Yarn
    Graffiti (319)” and the other is “Cygnet – Seriously Chunky – Slategrey
    790” so I was just wondering if you could look at those on Amazon for me
    and let me know which one to buy, I need to know asap as I’ll need to start
    soon!! Great knitting!

  • Agnes Etien says:

    I would like to know if you have a blog thank you again

  • Andre Rouhani says:

    Dear Maggie, this vide is awesome! Thanks so much. Very easy to follow. And
    I love the pattern. 🙂 I’m eager to make this blanket, but I’m having so so
    much trouble finding the yarn. Anything you can do to help? Or do you know
    of a suitable replacement? Appreciatively, -Andre.

  • amarieigc says:

    How tall are you?! I love this blanket.. To make it wider… could I make
    two of them and join them together? How would I join them? I am a definite
    newbie at this. :)

  • Anna Seeley says:

    I’m a little bit confused about how you added in the yarn as you went. I
    know you started off only using one ball of yarn, but what do you do once
    that runs out? :)

  • Sharon McGaha Stone says:

    I did not understand the cutting of the knots at the very end 

  • teddy71894 says:

    Hi Maggie! I read below that if I am using a thinner yarn, I would have to
    at least triple the strands. I plan on using the Bernat Blanket Sailors
    Delight Yarn. Would you recommend using at least 5 strands at a time? Would
    this affect the arm knitting process when it comes to clarity and easiness?
    I just have a feeling it might get confusing when there are 3 to 5 strands.
    Are there any suggestions and/or recommendations that you’d like me to
    know? Thank you for your time.

  • twiggers23 says:

    What a fab tutorial. I got a book from the library and your video backs it
    up really well for me. I feel a blanket coming on. Thank you. You have
    demystified this for me xxxx

  • Summer Pham says:

    Awesome video! I love how your great Dane randomly shows up :)

  • Alberto Herrera says:

    Thank you so much maggie. I really like the blanket you made, mine it came
    out the same way

  • Brynn Wood says:

    Hi Maggie!
    LOVE this blanket! I made one yesterday that is so big and comfy BUT I had
    a quick question! My blanket isn’t equal on both sides. The side tapers off
    but I have no idea why! It’s not the top where I start or the bottom where
    I bind off but around halfway the blanket starts slanting in. I have tons
    of yarn for Christmas presents want them to be perfect! Please HELP! 🙂 

  • krissa1911 says:

    And they are all sold out. :/ I just found this yesterday. Any suggestions
    on something similar? I have been all over the web and this yarn is GONE!!!

  • T Arm says:

    I got this sort of weird idea of using rope to make building shelter panels
    using your arm knitting method- maybe using pvc for
    “knitting needles”- make any sense to you?

  • Cambrey Rogers says:

    You do a great job with these tutorials! I was so excited to make one of my
    own, but then I found out the price! Seems so pricey when I can buy one
    cheaper than that. I’m so bummed! 

  • AbbyWebbs says:

    Hey Thinking of making this type of blanket for my friend. I want it to be
    a double-size or a full size blanket for her bed 54”x 75” (inches). How
    much yarn will I have to buy? Please help 🙂 anyone I want it to be a
    valentine gift! 

  • salsera35 says:

    Great video & blanket. Can you please make a video on how to arm knit a
    shawl or shrug?
    Thank you

  • DesiretoCraft says:

    Exactly how many balls of yarn did you end up using?

  • OtakuFanGirl says:

    Ok so I got 2 huge balls of Bernat Blanket yarn, size 6 (not nearly as
    chunky as what you’ve used though) 258 yds ea. I don’t know if I should
    knit both yarns together at the same time to achieve ultimate chunk or if
    that would just make life harder and be unnecessary. Advice? I’m going to
    try with just a single one just for practice. I’ve never arm knitted
    before, but it looks fun! Also I wish I could flip your video horizontally,
    why must you be left handed!? lol

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