How to Finger Knit an Ear Warmer in 15 Minutes with Simply Maggie

No needles needed for this ear warmer pattern! And it only takes 15 minutes if you know how to finger knit. Click the link below to view more pictures of the…
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  • Samantha Strable says:

    A better way to make these is to finger knit with two strands of yarn
    instead of one. You can make it multi colored, or two strands of the same
    color. That way it’s thicker, keeps your ears warmer, and looks WAY nicer.

  • siti nurhalijah md dzahir says:

    why is it when i do it, it kept getting loose, unlike yours, it looks so
    firm. is it because of different type of yarn i used?

  • carliian says:

    I just made one of these, it’s so cute and cosy! I love it! Thank you so
    much, I can’t stop trying to do all of your tutorials and I love the
    results! :)

  • Mrs. Crosby says:

    I’m using this in my high school art class. They love knitting now that
    they have seen what they can do! It’s exciting to teach this skill to a new

  • Rachelle P says:

    Love this, hoping I am successful with it for I can give as gifts this
    Christmas, I am going to try it with the button to “clean” up the ends
    hopefully all goes well. Thanks!

  • imacutiiebabee says:

    When I make this, it’s super super loose. Is there any way to tighten it?

  • TheRcanmeananything says:

    Okay. Infinite scarf, did it. Ear Warmers, did it. Next is the blanket.
    These have been SO helpful.

  • WatchMeFly09 says:

    You should give instruction on how to put a button on or simply sew the
    ends together for a nicer look than the tied ends

  • Andrea Baker says:

    I know this was published a while ago and I may not get a response but her
    it goes anyway. To start your tutorial is great. I see that you used a lot
    of chunky yarn. I don’t have chunky yarn so would you think I could double
    up my yarn to give it that chunky yarn affect?

  • Jelly Side Down says:

    This looks like a really fun project! Perfect for my daughter and I to try
    out together.

  • Jeff Reichert says:

    Good luck with that chain of the day. I’m sure that you can make an Awesome

  • LibraryBaby's Book Reviews! says:

    I made one of these for my friend and she loves it.

  • lavivdaLOLA says:

    your amazing thanks so so much for this tut its the best

  • Lily-EllaVlogs says:

    Mine just fell apart after………. I wish theri was an easier way for me
    to learn.

  • Antonia Joseph says:

    Hey Andrea I don’t have chunky yarn either an I doubled up mine an it came
    out great an looks thick too 

  • BrainsAndBeauty says:

    How do you tighten it ? 

  • Vickie Held says:

    I’m going to try doing this a little different. I have a rainbow loom and I
    thought I could treat a row like fingers and instead of three different
    pieces that get stitched together, I’m going to knit with the loom 12
    across using two yarn at a time and have just one piece. Think it’ll work?
    I hope so! 🙂 

  • Alicia TrZ says:

    Thanks for posting this video! I’m new to the “Knitting” world and I
    believe your video is really helpful, well filmed and well edited which is
    really enjoyable!

  • Payten Mardis says:

    Thank you for doing this! Just tried to finger knit and with your easy to
    follow step-by-step tutorial I think mine turned out pretty good. 

  • DJ ARMAN says:

    прикольно !) надо попробывать )

  • Sc00bystar says:

    You do it differently then was taught but the end result still looks the

  • Elizabeth Rennwanz says:

    I think it would be really cool to braid the strands together at the end so
    they’re not all loose!

  • specialmadeboodie says:

    +Simply Maggie let’s say I wanted a fuller width how would I do that? 

  • sue cole says:

    I would think you could just sew the two ends together to make it a slip on

  • talyfaith says:

    Thank you for sharing! Love the way you explain each step:)

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