Knit and Purl – Loom Knitting Stitch Combination

Learn the loom knitting stitch technique of Knit and Purl on a round loom. Visit us at
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MORE VIDEO TUTORIALS HERE: This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to loom knit a pair of gloses / mittens with a ri…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • lynn says:

    I am sorry to bother you again, but on the basket weave stitch with purl
    and knit, how do I know where I leave off if I set it down, all the
    stitches look the same.

  • K Sulkins says:

    Thanks for explaining the difference between knit and purl

  • lynn says:

    love the basketweave look, so if I do 4 knits, then 4 purls throughout each
    row this will accomplish the basket weave pattern?

  • Cassandra Thompson says:

    you are a great teacher, thanks so much!

  • Rose Stolarz says:

    Thank you so much for this easy tutorial on knit and purl!

  • susan massey says:

    Great tutorial! The basket pattern in my favorite when I had knit so I was
    very happy to find out that I could do this with a loom. In the hat that
    you made with this pattern how many rows of basket weave did you do before
    you changed the stitch?

  • Tangled With Yarn says:

    I am just learning how to purl. So I’ve gone once around the loom doing a
    purl. Now what? Do I use the same loop I used for the first row of purl

  • stella koutra says:
  • theHookdude west says:

    also enjoyed your web & blog page !!!

  • theHookdude west says:

    great video showing the differences between the two will try these out …
    thank you for sharing

  • Betty M says:

    Just finished the belt loop hat, great directions, very helpful

  • Lovepurplelivepink says:

    Can you make or do you have a video on changing colors? You explain so
    well. Thanks.

  • Lovepurplelivepink says:

    This was the best description of the purl stitch that I’ve seen so far.
    Thank you. I watched it twice.

  • says:

    Thank You Betty

  • says:

    Will do. Thanks for the complement !

  • Tuteate says:

    Hi Lucy Nguyen! Maybe a 34 peg loom is too big… which diameter is that?
    The 24 peg loom we use is 14cm in diameter.

  • Tuteate says:

    Great Laura Möker! 🙂 If you want to send us a picture, feel free to write
    us to

  • Lori Lynette says:

    This set is adorable!!!!!

  • binxandduke says:

    Love your tutorials! Question: what’s the best way to sew up the thumb
    portion? Mine always looks awful. 

  • SonnyNChad4Evar says:

    are there written instruction anywhere to print out? I will be out of town
    for the upcoming holiday and won’t have good internet access (only on my
    mom’s 3G enabled tablet)…..I’d love instructions to print out as well as
    the video to watch….

  • Sonia Vazquez says:

    How to Loom Knit a Pair of Gloves / Mittens (DIY …:–LqJfiI

  • Kerstie Highfill says:

    I’m confused, you said the cuff length was 10cm, but it looks longer than
    that. How ma y rows did you knit for the cuffs?

  • Angela Deitrick says:

    Can you do a video on the mobius scarf

  • lucy gardiner says:

    Do you need to colour change? Also this is great! 

  • Sierra Jameson says:

    do you have to knit purl or can you just knit the whole thing?

  • codelyokoandh2ofan says:

    How do you do this pattern with only one color?

  • vuemai94 says:

    What kind of yard did you use

  • Julie Fernandes says:

    You’re amazing. I can’t wait to sit in my new apartment and spend my nights
    loom knitting myself mittens and slippers.

    Now…if only someone who loved me would buy me the circular knitting loom
    set… lol.

  • امل رمضان says:

    u r an amazing creative person 🙂
    i can’t wait till the next week to see ur new project..i keep checking your
    channel for new work 😀 😀 keep going
    i’d like to see a sweater or a dress, even a cocoon by the loom knitting
    pls ^_^
    also it will be great to publish a list for which projects u r preparing to
    show us later..
    thank u :)

  • TheHands OnClub says:

    The amount you mentioned, is that enough for two gloves or just one?

  • Kathleen Cavender says:

    You have the best tutorials! So easy to understand.

  • faithunbound79 says:

    For the top of the MIT. Can I do the technique like I’m doing a heal for a
    sock? I know there similar, but for some reason I keep messing up the one
    you have on here.

  • Carly Smith says:

    How would I make these mittens for a toddler. Can I still use the same 24
    peg loom?

  • Jenni Gadd says:

    Can you tell me what weight yarn you used for these? I would really like to
    try them. Thank you. 

  • MissSteph82 says:

    Love all your videos! They are really easy to follow and not boring to
    watch with useless talking. Your videos are straight to the point :-)

  • Lucy Nguyen says:

    wow. that is really nice! do you think it would work on a bigger loom
    because i have a 34 peg loo

  • cowgal jazzy says:

    I got to get one of these so I can make some mittens.

  • thegrinch0614 says:

    Wow these are great!! 

  • Laura Möker says:

    made them; love it.

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