knitting needle case tutorial by Debbie Shore

This box-style pouch can be easily adapted for crochet hooks, easy to make and perfect for the knitter to store their needles and yarn. I’m using the Husqvar…
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  • Jessica Hodges says:

    I am not very good at sewing and have a very old machine but I made this
    yesterday and it turned out amazing! I am so proud of myself! Thank you
    for making such an easy to follow video!

  • debbie shore says:

    So glad you all like it!

  • debbie shore says:

    Thanks for all of your comments, glad you’re enjoying the videos!

  • Camila Führ Diel says:

    Hi Debbie,

    I am just starting to sew and I am in love with your tutorials.
    I have one question: do you mind giving me the measures of this needle case
    after you finished? I am looking for something smaller to carry my camera
    around and not having to take the big bag with me.
    Also, do you have any tutorial on teaching how sew a bag with dividers in
    parallel with the bag, and not lengthwise? That way I could carry with me
    the camera, lens and external flash. I would very much appreciate that!

  • helena benfica says:

    fiz biscornu, ficou lindo, agora vou faer este projeto. feliz 2015, muita

  • Rusia B says:

    Your dog is very educated.

  • Rusia B says:

    Very nice teacher! 

  • Buthy ful says:

    I love this very very much will for sure make one for myself I neeeeeeeed
    one hehe :)

  • Debbie Lake says:

    will it make a difference to this bag if i use a normal zipper?

  • Cathy Hughes says:

    Great tutorial:-) thank you
    If I want to make it a bit smaller for a pencil case do I make the 2×2
    square smaller for the box corners? 🙂 

  • Yvonne Joseph says:

    fabulous, i was thinking of making one for my crochet hooks,thank you for

  • kausalya venugopal says:

    very good needle case

  • iliana amable says:

    Me gusto mucho Debbie!!

  • J's Knit and Purl Jam says:

    Hi Debbie, You made this look so easy and as a happy knitter, I will be off
    to my local quilt shop to buy some really great fabric. This will be for
    me! Love your designs.

  • Yvonne Joseph says:

    sorry i typed d instead of b, that should be Deb

  • 4614Maria says:

    Hello Debbie, I follow your videos a bit ‘of time … I like projects that
    you propose and how they can explain them and then your faithful assistant
    is really funny!

  • nuala mcgowan says:

    Lovely knitting needle bag I am going to make one for myself thank you for
    the Tutorial

  • Julie White says:

    So educational! This is such a good video Debbie, thank you

  • Denise Poole says:

    Really like your videos tthey are so clear well explained makes me realise
    I can do this and I have a good go so thsnk you for getting back into
    sewing all your videos are amazing please keep up all the good work you are

  • Rosa Frances says:

    Hello Debbie, Thanks a lot for teaching me how to sew. I really start doing
    things with you. Now I sew almost everything you teach us. Alphie is so
    cute and has a kind face, Lucky you for having him.

  • Amandine Meyer says:


  • Yvonne Joseph says:

    another awesome tutorial,thanks Ded

  • pgh. phyl says:

    Deb; another great job by the master; i love this; it can be adapted to any
    size for your own personal need. thanks for all the projects. love them.

  • Angela Bedford says:

    Absolutely brilliant demonstration! I’m new to sewing and have really
    struggled to understand sewing books instructions on how to make a lined
    bag. I feel confident enough to have a go! Thanks for posting this.

  • Kristy Vunesky says:

    LOVE this bag! Made one the size in the tutorial and it was perfect for my
    knitting supplies! Loved it so much I made one a bit smaller for my sewing
    supplies! Thanks for a great tutorial! Can’t wait for your next one!

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