NSI International Knitting Machine Review & Tutorial!

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/NSI-55411-Knitting-Machine/dp/B00548T0G8/ref=sr_sp-btf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385480259&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=nsi+inter…

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  • DOSBoxMom says:

    This plastic knitting machine will be half-price ($20 instead of $40) at
    Shopko on Black Friday; it’s in the toy department of my local Shopko.
    Don’t know how sturdy it’ll be, but for $20 I’m tempted to experiment.

  • Kay Watson says:

    Hi. Is there any chance you could do a video on how to make a flat panel
    on this knitting machine? I bought one for my granddaughter and I can’t
    figure out how to do a flat panel. Thank you so much. Kay

  • Art Girl says:

    U are the only one on YouTube that has made a vid with the knitting machine
    I searched all over for other vids u helped me out because I was doing
    every thing wrong thank u

  • Jen Donery says:

    I listened to everything carefully, and understood it all. Thank you for
    the video. – 9 year-old student

  • Will IsThatAwsomeguy says:

    Se ve interesante se puede ver en espanol

  • Kaitlyn Reynolds says:

    I have the same machine to!!!

  • Art Girl says:

    Can u make a bigger hat with the knitting machine because today was
    christmas and I got one and I do not know how to make one

  • Kay Myers says:

    the hat looks really tiny. Can I make hats for people with this? 

  • Mia Turner says:

    love your nails
    🙂 and great ill get it x

  • TeelaRaven Dezire says:

    Love your tutorial! This encouraged me to purchase it. I have no problems
    with circular knitting but the panels have proven difficult. How did you
    you find it to be?

  • Becca Beauty says:

    We’re did you get the machine and how much is it??

  • Wendy Lyles says:

    Great video!

  • Luna Princiotta says:

    I want to get a knitting machine I don’t know if I should get a singer
    knitting machine or the NSI INERNATIONAL knitting machine 

  • Pilar Dastres says:

    Me encantó pero hay alguien que haga el curso para hacer otras cosas más
    grande pero en español por favor mi correo es pcdastres@hotmail.com gracias

  • TeelaRaven Dezire says:

    Very encouraging can’t wait until mine arrives

  • Madison Hood says:

    can u do scarves,fingerless gloves an more ur the only one i can find with
    the same machine an i want to learn on the NSI knitting machine please make
    more vidieos

  • Hannah Turner says:

    So cool I have to get it

  • Luna Princiotta says:

    Comment on my video on my page on one of the videos what one u think I
    should get 

  • Kristin Finch says:

    Where do you get it 

  • Marea M says:

    I recently found the same one at borders books lol i couldn’t wait to get
    it home. Lol it didn’t go so easy for me, but thanks to your video I’ll try
    it again! 

  • Jose Jr La Rosa says:

    That is my gift to mu daugther

  • Izzy says:

    Can you do a tutoria but how to make a scarf or headband?

  • Damion Scott says:

    I got one and the yarn was just a big tangle

  • Lisa Tran says:

    How do u knit a scarf with it

  • MsCerise007 says:

    Pretty nice little machine. You are good at understanding instructions.

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