Q&A: I Need help knitting?

Question by mo h: I Need help knitting?
I’m learning to knit but don’t understand what all these terms are:
What does all that knit 1 purl 2 mean.
where can i find free gothic knitting patterns?
How do you knit words on things?

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Answer by Lynn Bodoni
Knit and purl are the basic stitches in knitting. For a knit stitch, you insert the working (right if you’re right handed, left if you’re left handed) needle into the back of a stitch, throw a loop of yarn over it, and pull the loop through. For a purl stitch, you insert the working needle into the front of the stitch, throw a loop of yarn over it, and pull the loop through.

I suggest that you practice basic knitting stitches before you start making shaped patterns. There’s a reason why people knit baby blankets and scarves…it’s easy to do, and it gives you a lot of practice in basic knitting. Knitting is like any other craft, you need to practice it before you get good at it.

Knit 1 means to knit one stitch. Purl 2 means to purl two stitches. *K1 P2* means to knit one stitch, followed by two purl stitches. Then this sequence is repeated for as many times as is called for.

I’ve found a number of patterns by Googling. I’ve also found basic knitting instructions and videos.

I don’t know how to knit words into things, I would probably embroider the words using duplicate stitch. I’m not very good at following a grid pattern for color changes, and I’m pretty sure that I’d have to do that in order to knit a pattern (of words) into a project.

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