Singer Knitting Machine: Taking Your Tube Off

This tutorial will show you how to take your tube off of the singer knitting machine safely and easily, i got a lot of questions and i hope this helps. Thank…
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  • Πέτρος Ευαγγελίδης says:

    Ti μπορω να κανω και που να χρησιμοποιησω το σωληνοειδες πλεκτο μου;

  • Susan Joy says:

    This was a great video!!!! Thank you. You did a great job.

  • Angie Carroll says:

    Thanks! I find your instructions very helpful. Have you done a video on
    how to do the flat panel on this machine. Because your other videos we
    have got the tube scarves down but want to try the panels now. 

  • Brianni Townsend says:

    I LOVE the tutorials that you made for the Knitting Machine. I watch all of
    them over and again to make sure I get it right. By the way, you are so

  • Jeanette Largent says:

    You did an awesome job! It really helped me! I’d love to see some more
    things you made with your machine! Thank you!

  • Lilly Lozano says:

    Sorry don’t understand you

  • hamster care person says:

    you messed up my hole knitting machine but i fixed it i HATE you

  • TheNerfWar BronyNextDoor says:

    It’s not singer it’s a red heart like the brand of yarn they do look very
    simalar though

  • Jee says:


  • A.M. P. says:

    Great video, again! I did find it helpful. You are very creative. I was
    thinking that if you know how to crochet you can use the same multi-colored
    yarn and crochet shells around one edge and use that at the bottom for a
    leg warmer. And on the other end, you can crochet a single crochet for a
    cleaner, neater finish. But I really like what you made! Thank you!

  • Maddra Ashton says:

    I think your tutorials are awesome – thank you!

  • Claude Badley says:

    Thank you for the video!

  • Shakeetha Gilbert says:

    How old are you? You seem young.

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