What clever robots mean for jobs

What clever robots mean for jobs
Google recently gave Mr Leonard a ride in a driverless car, and he compared the experience to the Wright brother's flight at Kittyhawk. "It was a remarkable event," he said of the first flight. "But look how long it took" to reach commercial air travel …
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Local History: William Gibbs' cut glass factory
He and his younger brother Charles E. Gibbs may have been raised by their grandparents. The 1880 Census lists William as age 11, “Charley” as age 8, living with their grandfather William Gibbs, a 65-year old farmer, and their grandmother Nancy, 64.
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Second place prize entry for the World War 1 young writers competition
How can I forget the constant chatter of the machine guns and the shrieks of the shells? Share this … How could she when she was safe and sound in England, knitting socks for us poor soldiers at the front? … My other brother, Robert, is still …
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