12 Inch Single Point Bamboo Knitting Needles Premium StitchBerry Brand Collection


12 Inch Single Point Bamboo Knitting Needles Premium StitchBerry Brand Collection


Price: $16.99 (Great buy!)

The 12 Inch Single Point Bamboo Knitting Needles Premium StitchBerry Brand Collection was given an in depth review by twenty-three of those who purchased this product.

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I purchased this set of bamboo needles when I was unable to find my old aluminum ones. I figured for the price, I was not out that much…
I am so glad I bought them! These bamboo needles are wonderful to work with! They fit comfortably in the hand, and don’t have that annoying “click” that the aluminum ones have. These also have a good grip on the yarn, which the aluminum ones lack. The yarn seems to stay put until you want it to move, and then moves quietly and easily to where you want it to go. The aluminum ones seemed to make me lose stitches easier. And these bamboo knitting needles have a “flex” to them so they bend a little when I pick up stitches, unlike the stiff aluminum ones. The price is fantastic, considering you get an entire set! The strength and durability of bamboo make this purchase a great buy! These should last for a good many years!

 They’re not the very nicest needles I’ve ever seen, but they’re about on par with my Clover bamboo needles. No significant rough spots or hitches that I’ve found after using them pretty much exclusively to make all of my Christmas presents. It’s a whole lot of needles for about the cost of what two sets will cost otherwise. I’m extremely happy with the purchase.

At my vacation home, the knitting urge struck. I didn’t want to buy needles one set at a time, since I already have most needles at home. I bought these so when the urge to knit struck, I’d be set. Since they’re so inexpensive, I figured even if a couple weren’t perfect, it would work out.

The details.

I’ve been knitting with bamboo and silk yarn. Silk catches easily and pulls easily, so, I need needles that don’t catch. Of these 16 sets, 8 appear perfect. 5 needles (in 4 sizes) have a rough patch which make them unusable for knitting with silk, the rest probably are okay, but might catch on my fine silk yarn.

These are individually packaged as stitchberry premium bamboo in a box with all the sizes. The box was slightly damaged but the needles weren’t. And my relatively small box of needles was sent in a relatively large box with lots of cushioning so the damage to the box was before it was packed, not from shipping. The needles were not damaged from shipment, just not perfectly smooth, to varying degrees.

I bought these as an upgrade for my mother. The bamboo warms quickly in her hands, and I’ve noticed that her arthritis is much less likely to flare since she began using these. I was at first concerned that the slimmer gauges would break or splinter, but there’s been no sign of even a strain on the bamboo. All the women in her knitting circle envy her new needles.

Upon receiving this as a Christmas present, I quickly made use of the needles. The bamboo is very smooth, but not so smooth that your stitches slide off much too easily, as is sometimes the case with aluminum needles. I absolutely love these needles and have no complaint about them. The 3 year warranty that comes with them is absolutely marvelous. The price is excellent for good quality needles. I highly recommend these to anyone who has a serious interest in knitting!

I’m a beginning knitter and chose these needles based on their price and the positive reviews they’d received when I’d purchased them.

Right off the bat, I liked these needles more than the metal ones that came with the kit I’d ordered. They’re light, smooth, and warm, almost seeming to mold to my hands before I’d finished knitting my first beginner scarf (though they didn’t actually change shape!). They came packaged in pairs, making finding the correct set ever so much easier than digging through a bag of “sticks” looking for two of matching sizes.

The only negatives I have to add would be that they don’t seem to have much of a point on them, especially the larger sizes, thus I found myself splitting the yarn fibers (if that’s even the correct term) more often than seems necessary – even for a novice. When I changed needles I didn’t have the same problem, even on yarn I had previously mangled. The second concern I have with them is that the sizes are stamped in the wood in European sizes (mm) only – and there’s no ink to highlight the lettering. This makes the sizes difficult to find; when found, difficult to read; and when read, difficult to translate by beginners. I haven’t done so yet, but I have plans to go through and uglify my needles with a magic-marker and write the sizes on the ends for future reference.

Overall though, the needles seem to be good needles at a great price for someone like me who is just getting started. I’m sure there are better ones out there, but until I’m sure I’m committed to the life of a knit-wit, I’m not willing to make the investment in them.

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More than 90% of those who purchased the 12 Inch Single Point Bamboo Knitting Needles Premium StitchBerry Brand Collection rated this product at 4 or greater stars.

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